Friday, January 25, 2013

Celebrating Princess Charlene's Birthday: 35 Favorite Pieces of Her

Today Princess Charlene celebrates her 35th birthday, Happy Birthday, Princess!

To celebrate her birthday I decided to do a round up of 35 pieces of clothes and jewelry that are really magnificent and defined Charlene's style over the years.

Daytime looks and shoes:

From top left:
  1.  During Grand Prix in 2012 wearing Akris race cars dress.
  2. Walter Steiger taper toe curved heel pumps (first pic). 
  3.  Visiting Ireland, 2011. 
  4.  Attending a mass 2011. 
  5. Wearing Dior to Dior Couture show 2012.
  6.  Receiving the Croatian president shortly after her marriage, wearing what we assume to be her Armani Privè wedding brunch dress that she never wore to the brunch!
  7. Meeting the emperor and empress  of Japan during an official visit after the engagement in 2010.
  8. Attending the Fete Nationale in Monaco in 2010.
  9. Attending Akris Spring/Summer 2013 fashionshow wearing Akris.
  10. Attending the Queen's Diamond Jubilee reception.
  11. Lady Dior bag (Same pic).
  12. Meeting President Jacob Zuma during her honeymoon, 2011.
  13. Meeting Pope Benedict XVI,2013.
  14. Jimmy Choo Vikki pumps (below)

Casual outfits:

17. Visiting her wedding concert preparations, FAB necklace!  
18. Cheering for Le Clos in London 2012.

Cocktail looks:

20. Attending a concert prior to the wedding in 2011, wearing Lanvin (The one and only time)!

Princess Charlene's favorite evening looks and jewelry: 

21. Wearing Dior gown in Japan, the gown was later altered to be strapless.
22. Wearing Repossi set consisting of earrings, bracelet and a ring (same pic).
23. Wearing Armani Privè to Crown Princess Victoria's wedding in 2010.
24. Another Armani Privè for the Red Cross Ball in 2010.
26. Wearing an Akris gown to the Red Cross Ball in 2011.
27. Wearing her Van Cleef and Arpels Tiara/Necklace as a necklace (Same pic).
28. Attending the Red Cross 2012 Ball.
29. Repeating an unidentified dress to attend an official dinner by the German president, 2012.
30. Attending The Ballo del Giglio in 2012 in costum Gucci.
31. For the pre-wedding dinner the then Charlene Wittstock wore an amazing costum Akris.
32. Dior for the Princess Grace Awards in 2011.
33. Charlene's first black tie appearance in 2006, the designer is unidentified (of course), and while most of you found it to resemble a Christmas tree, I actually quite liked it!

34. Best relevant photo:

     Taken for Vogue in 2011, with the swimsuit and everything, it just looks so Charlene!

Best outfit for the wedding:

35. Designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself, this outfit, hairdo, makeup, earrings and necklace (by Tabbah) were just perfect!

Over the years, Which was your favorite look from Charlene?

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Pics: Google, Vogue, MyRoyals, Jimmy Choo


  1. You forgot that beautiful plum red gown that she wore to accept an award in Germany. That was her best look ever!

    1. Right! Take the Christmas tree dress and put it!

    2. I wish tht Princess Charlene would wear her tiara!

    3. I'm having all my hoped on Princess Madeleine's wedding!

    4. I also liked the long blue and white floral casual dress she wore to a museum after their honeymoon.

  2. I'm so happy to see her more comfortable in her new role, she's gradually looking more comfortable in the royal lime light. Some beautiful looks here. Esp like the little grand prix dress and the brick-red for the Akris show. There was also a lovely beige ensemble she wore, for Monaco National Day 2011, with a textured skirt, long gloves... and the evening gown with the coat over it for National day 2012. So chic. Love it, even if it's beige. :)

    Don't know how to insert links/pictures here, but these are url's to pictures of those outfits:

    1. The beige outfit from 2011 is by Akris, so is the evening gown from 2012. Akris actually designed the whole wardrobe for the last two years, but 2012 is my favorite from the two!

  3. According to an interview of Charlene in December 2010 the green dress (33) was a loan from a friend. In the same interview she actually called the dress (together with red nail polish) "like a Christmas tree".

    1. Yes, I remember that interview, she said she was playing squash the whole day then wore the dress and painted her nails red. But that was one of the very first balls she attended, and I believe it wasn't a bad outfit at all!
      She has come a very long way, though!

    2. I also liked the dress!

  4. Just discovered your blog - & already a fan!! - Thanks for some great reporting on Pcss Charlene who I think is somewhat neglected on other royal fan sites.

    1. Thanks, I'm really glad you liked it, you can also follow us on Facebook to make sure you get all the posts

      I agree that Princess Charlene isn't really given the attention she deserves!

  5. I love all of her looks. She has great style. The only royal I follow. People definitely need to stop hating on her and give her the attention she deserves. I totally agree.


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